Work by Jonathan Fisher, "The Myriad"
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Art Exhibit Reception: Jonathan Fisher

  • 01/20
  • 4:00 pm-7:00 pm
  • Ramsey Library - Blowers Gallery

This exhibition is free and open to everyone, Jan.9-Feb. 9 during regular library hours at Blowers Gallery in Ramsey Library. A reception with the artist will be held in the gallery from 4-7 p.m. on Friday, Jan. 20.

Fisher, assistant professor of art and design at Kennesaw State University, earned a BFA with a concentration in printmaking at UNC Asheville in 2001.

Fisher's artist statement:

"My recent body of work explores the idea of systems and growth patterns. From maps, biological cells, planets and constellations of the solar system, I am fascinated by the way our neighborhoods, world and universe are structured. 

Specifically, I find interest in the differences between man-made systems such as political boundaries, versus the more organic developmental arrangements such as bacteria. For me, maps tell a story of our mobility and social stratification. They document a record of human objective and place-making.

Looking under a microscope, I see patterns and schemes of microbes that seem to have a plan regardless of the intention of humans. Biological structures and solar systems hint to phenomena that often exist outside of our human control or understanding. Some systems organize by the human hand, others do not. 

While recalling the symbols and identifiers of these various systems, my work may not clearly document anything in particular. Often, I will include text elements that signify classification and identification. Yet, again, the specific meaning of the text is more symbolic than literal. Further, my goal is not to reconstruct those systems and patterns, but to hint at them. From that point, a new narrative may emerge."

Contact for this event:

  • Ramsey Library
  • 828.251.6336

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